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  The King's Speech is based on real historical events. King George VI of England suffered from severe stuttering from childhood. Finally, under the treatment of Leonard, he finally overcame his speech and delivered an inspiring speech.


  This is a story of a great man who succeeded through hard work, but it resonates with many little people who have seen the film, and many humorous lines make students laugh all the time. As a motivational film, it is not as inspiring as we expected and does not have too much hard work to inspire people to forge ahead, but we have seen many expressions of friendship and friendship in the film, and the most realistic portrayal of the inner world of the characters and the most vivid description of the changes in the spiritual process.People oriented and human oriented are the key to the success of The King's Speech.



  "Butterfly Effect" Ivan once had a bad childhood, because his behavior caused a great disaster and made his childhood full of memories. In fact, he did only vaguely remember some terrible scenes, which have been pestering his normal life. Ivan accepted the psychologist's suggestion and wrote down his trivial life in his notebook, only to find that he returned to the past through his notebook.


  Then he remembered clearly that he had done so many wrong things in his childhood. He fantasized about using his present consciousness to infiltrate into his childhood to make up for the harm caused by various mistakes, especially hoping to finally walk back together with Kathy, who had a crush on him. However, his changes across time and space can only lead to more and more irremediable changes in the real world. Everything is like a butterfly effect, pulling one hair and moving the whole body.



  Born in a slum in the United States, Liz of " Wind and Rain Harvard Road" has suffered from family problems since she was a child. Her parents drank and used drugs and her mother suffered from schizophrenia.The poor Liz needs to go out and beg, wandering in the corners of the city, and the misery of life seems endless.

  As she grew up slowly, Liz knew that onlyby studying and becoming talented can she change her fate andget out of the quagmire. She won a test paper fromher teacher, finished it beautifully, and wonthe chance to study. From now on, Liz has embarked on a long journey to study. She did everything she could to apply for a full scholarship to Harvard and did not evenhave a decent dress for the interview. However, poverty does not stop Liz's determination to move forward. In her life, the struggle that never flinches is an eternal theme.




  Princess Diary, a 15 - year - old high school student, lives in the United States with her mother, but she is not confident enough and is often laughed at by her classmates. On her 16th birthday, when she met her grandmother, she found out that this elegant lady is the queen of the small European country of Genovia, and Mia is the princess of this country. At first Mia was very reluctant, but Mia's attitude easedwith her mother's mediation. In order to succeed to the throne smoothly, the queen had to make a series of changes to her granddaughter, which troubled Mia, who usually lives in an informal way, and even clashed with her good friends. Mia's identity was revealed by a good classmate, and she was immediately highly watched by the media. Everything that happened suddenly made Mia want to escape everything. Fortunately, she regained her confidence in her father's diary. Mia became a princess and found the love she wanted.





  Luc Bessons "The Professional" is sort of a companion piece to his international breakthrough hit "La Femme Nikiti", and in many ways its an even better film. It raises the stakes of Bessons playful women-with-guns theme by making the heroine a 12-year-old, played by a then unknown Natalie Portman. Jean Reno is excellent as her assassin trainer and surrogate father. Oldman is completely over the top in one of his best bad-guy roles, obsessed with both Beethoven and butchery. As a gritty, suspenseful thriller, this film wont leave action fans feeling cheated, but the film is so much more than that. At the center of "The Professional" is a wonderful father and daughter-like relationship between two damaged strangers who find solace in each other.

  如果你看过电影《这个杀手不太冷》,那么我想你一定会喜欢上片尾的那首《shape of my heart》。不知道是什么让我在看完这部电影后冲动地写下这篇文字,也许是莱昂,也许是那个改变了莱昂杀手生涯的小女孩玛蒂达。




  让雷诺(Jean Reno)这样一位银幕高手的精湛表演,让观看者对他所塑造的职业杀手莱昂的生死牵肠挂肚,这个杀手看上去并不凶狠,而是有点浪漫,有点喜剧。而年仅12岁的小女星娜塔莉?波特曼的表演天赋也同样令人刮目相看,后来他在影片《偷心》中也有出彩的演出,不过这时她已经出落成一个身材妖娆,相貌冷眼的女人了。




  Hotel Rwanda ---- a story of an African Schinderler

  Hotel Rwanda is a film about a man. It was based on a real story of a man who saved 1268 people’s lives in a madness genocidal, which happened in Rwanda, 1994. The film was directed by Terry George, 2004. The main actor Don Cheadle is not handsome but just an ordinary man. You probably will even not recognize him when you happen to meet him on the street. He acted a hero based on a true story, a man who was as simple as he is, Paul Rusesabagina. Paul is a hero, a real man, while a hero and a real man doesn’t always need to be handsome or attractive in the appearance. There are two nations in Rwanda, hutu and tutsi. Paul is a hutu manager working for a 4 stars hotel on town. The hutu army planed a genocidal to clear out all the tutsi people in ruwanda. The tutsi people were suffering a madness blood bath. Over 800,000 people had been killed within 100 days. Paul has a tutsi wife, in order to protect his wife, children and other tutsis; he took them to hide in the hotel Rwanda. There are many white people from all over the world lived in this hotel so the hotel is the safest place in Rwanda to hide. There are 80 UN soldiers in Rwanda but only 4 guarded in the hotel and all of them are not allowed to shot. If we say that Paul just wanted to save his wife at the beginning, after recognized that there is no one would come to help the tutsis, Paul throw himself into the breach. He bribed the hutu general by wine and gold, used out every coin of his to purchase the refugees’ lives, ten, a hundred, 2 hundreds, 3 hundreds… more and more tutsi refugees flee to the hotel wishing to survive. To them, Paul is an angel who keeps a hope for those hopeless people in the calamity. His goodness his mercy is the key to be alive.

  The hotel Rwanda is a dramatically and war film, ingeniously, there was almost no lens for slaughtering; however, the threatener of death was full filling with the whole movie. One of the tutsi asked Paul,

  “Why they are so truculence?”

  “ Hatred? Insanity? … I don’t know.”

  The event is a humanitarianism disaster and Paul needs no reason to save the lives. When the world closed its eyes, he opened his arms. Facing a madness calamity and crazy crowds, the individual’s power is far from enough. However, Paul saved more than 1000 people’s lives. Paul Rusesabagina is a hero, a real man, an African Schinderler.



  Film Review of Pride and Prejudice

  Pride and Prejudice is a famous classic written by Jane Austen. I was attracted by the characters and plots of the film adapted from the novel.

  Elizabeth is the heroine of the story. When she meets Darcy, a handsome, rich but arrogant man, on the party for the first time, she is dissatisfied with the proud manner of Darcy. Darcy looks down on those who are in a lower social class,

  including Elizabeth. However, after getting to know the courage, independence and confidence of Elizabeth, he almost falls in love with her. But Elizabeth believes the lies of Wickham which causes her great prejudice to Darcy. She rejects Darcy’s propose marriage to protect her self-respect. Finally, Darcy goes away because he couldn’t tolerate Elizabeth’s sisters’ vulgar manners. He writes a long letter to explain his thoughts and love to Elizabeth. After reading it, Elizabeth feels guilty about

  misjudging Darcy and regrets turning him down. As time goes away, Darcy gradually improves his pride and keeps helping Elizabeth’s family out from troubles. At last, Elizabeth removes the prejudice to Darcy and accepts his propose marriage.

  From the film I learn that we can’t judge a man immediately by the first impression. If we are controlled by our subjective senses, it will easy cause prejudice and

  misunderstanding and probably influent the developments of many events. To avoid this situation, we need more communication to understand others deeply by ourselves.


  初恋50 First Dates

  What would it feel if I can wake up everyday forgetting what happened for the last whole year?

  Lucy in the movie “50 First Dates” told me this feeling. Every morning when she woke up, she only rememberred the Sunday of last year which was her father’s birthday, also the date she had the car accident which made her only keep memory before Sunday, so she always felt happy living the same habit as what she did on Sunday a year ago with the kind set-up by her father and brother. After meeting Hey, she could only remember who he was on the same day. But after one night, he became a stranger to her. She couldn’t even recognize he was the one she used to date and love everyday. Hey tried his best to give her a new different meeting every day so as to win her smile and regain their “First Date”. Hey made her tapes every morning to help her remember what happened the day before and the last whole year. Lucy thus felt grateful with all she had when she woke up everyday. On the same day, she always had the same deep gratitude to face Hey with her sweet smile. What a beautiful feeling it is to always feel thanksgiving and to always

  appreciate each other’s effort. A touching story between a memory lost woman and a devoted man taught all of us, normal people, the essence of love. When two people can thank each other for their devotion everyday like what they did for each other on first date, love can forever be refreshed and energetic. On Lucy’s side, people with memory will ask for more than yesterday and become critical of their partners day by day, while people without memory will feel grateful for their life and the people around them everyday.

  In the movie, when one day Lucy decided to break up with Hey to let him rebuild his life by burning all their diaries and tapes, I cried for Hey’s broken heart. For her, it was just one day feeling. For him, it was long-term affection and connection. It was easier for her than him to give up their love. On Hey’s side, people with memory will always remember the past happiness and

  treasure it for the rest of their life, while people without memory will easily give up at the end of the same day.

  What a ruthless feeling it is to end a relationship just after one minute thought. People with fragile mind would easily ruin a long-term relationship no matter what reason they have. The torture between Lucy and Hey tells us the fatal factor to do harm to intimacy between a couple is their fragile mind of

  balancing emotion and reason. Thus most of couple lose their trust for each other after experiencing this weakly testing broke-up.



  What is the right relationship between the father and the daughter? There is no certain answer. But the love of Brain's to his daughter must be one of the best ones.

  His daughter, a young pretty 17-year-old girl was kidnapped during a tour in Paris. Brain got the news and hurried to France to take his daughter. He found that the gangsters that kidnapped his daughter were connected with an old friend which made him exetreme angry. He finally found the place where was holding an auction selling young virgins and broke in successfully taking his daughter away.

  No matter how hard and stressful the situation was, and how dangerous things he faced, he never went back just because of the greatest love of a simple father. In the movie, we are all moved not only his actions of kindness, but also his insistance and the greatest of all- a father's love.


  当幸福来敲门 观后感英文版

  A review of the Pursuit of Happiness

  “The Pursuit of Happyness” was released on the 15th of December 2006. It is a dramatic story based on a biography of Chris Gardner’s nearly one-year struggle with homelessness. Directed by Gabrielle Muccino, the film stars Will Smith as Chris Gardner, and co-stars Jaden Smith playing Chris’ son, Christopher Jr. For Will Smith’s performance in the film, he was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Actor. The ‘different’ spelling of the title, ‘Happyness’ is seen by Chris Gardner on the building outside the play centre is son attends, which Chris reminds the owners of the building multiple times that it is spelt with an ‘I’.

  The film shows us the struggles Chris Gardner has with homelessness. He is bankrupt because he invested his life savings in portable bone-density scanners, which he thought hospitals would be interested in buying, but in the end hardly any doctors wanted one, as they considered it an ‘expensive luxury’. During the struggles, his wife Linda leaves to go to New York and Chris and his son are left in San Francisco with no income and living in a motel. Chris sees interest in become a stockbroker, but to become one he has to go through an internship. Meanwhile, Chris and his son are evicted because they can’t pay rent, and they are forced to go to a homeless shelter, and even one night had to sleep in the bathroom of the underground rail system. During his internship, he never once mentions his financial struggles and at one point he is asked to give one of his bosses 5 dollars for a cab, a sum that he can’t afford. After an intense six months, Chris is taken into the bosses’ office, and is offered a job as a stockbroker, the final scene shows him being in unbelief of the position he was offered and showing his happiness and gratefulness for the opportunity, Chris realises that his financial struggles are over as he now has a job with a regular income.

  Christ was unfortunate, for he got a wife who was not understandable at all (though she has her own difficulties) and was in bad luck with his business. But he was very fortunate also, for he got a son who was very thoughtful and, I think, tough life experiences always make a great person. It is said that this movie is inspired by a true story, and I want to say, this movie does inspire me a lot. What impressed me most are: Christ’s wife left him because of life pressure; Christ’s love to his son and Christ’s strong belief towards life. Through these, I know that it is not easy to be a good husband and a good Papa, since in reality, only love cannot only make everything. And I also learn that one has to strongly believe in himself, no matter how difficult the situation is, but of course, hard-working is indispensable.

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